How to Map Out Your Lead Magnet to Launch Funnel


Here are 2 ways you can work with me...

1:1 One Day Launch Intensive: Lead Magnet to Launch Planning and Strategy

(Starting at £799)

This is a 4-hour 1:1 launch intensive where I'll work with you to create a doable strategy for your lead magnet to launch funnel. It includes making a plan for each step of the process and creating reasonable timelines to get it all done. If you're looking for personal handholding as you map out your lead magnet to launch funnel, click the button below to book your slot.

* Only 3 slots available

Lead Magnet to Launch: Full Design & Setup

(Starting at £5499)

Let me set up your free challenge / live training leading to your online programme launch, along with hands-on technical support during the launch. If you're looking for a done-for-you service, click the button below to get the details and book a call.

* Only 2 slots available