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The Ultimate Lead Magnet Bundle will help you create a client attracting freebie from scratch with zero stress and overwhelm. It includes an 8-session video training, workbook, checklist, ideas, templates, and everything you need to create, set up and promote your lead magnet!


The Ultimate Lead Magnet Bundle 

This is a comprehensive video training resource to create a client attracting freebie from scratch with zero stress and overwhelm.

Right from lead magnet ideation - finding the perfect freebie idea, to lead magnet promotion - getting people to actually sign up for it... I've got you all covered!

10 Editable eBook Canva Templates

These Canva templates will make creating gorgeous PDF based lead magnets or products a breeze for you.

Say 'Goodbye' to procrastination and have a professionally designed eBook ready in no time!

435 Editable Canva Templates 

Create exquisite Call to Action images for your lead magnets, programmes and sales offers that bring in more conversions.

You’ll get immediate access to 11 incredible Canva template packs with over 400+ designs.

75+ Lead Magnet Promotion Tactics Guide

Get 75+ ideas to promote your lead magnet so you can get more sign ups, build your email list, and get more sales.

I've utilised some of these very same strategies to get over 1000 subscribers for one of my own lead magnets a while back... so I can guarantee that these tactics work!

570 Editable Black Friday Canva Templates

Get more visibility for your Black Friday offers with these professionally designed CTA images!

Completely customisable templates that can be edited in a snap to match your unique style and branding…


15 Page Editable eBook Canva Template


15 Superhero Themed Online Group Programme CTA Canva Templates  


15 Superhero Themed Free Training CTA Canva Templates


15 Retro Themed Programme CTA Canva Templates


15 Retro Themed Free Challenge CTA Canva Templates


15 Lead Magnet Promo Canva Templates


Lead Magnet FAQ eBook


12 Editable Christmas CTA Canva Templates


12 Editable Call To Action (CTA) Canva Templates