20 Free Graphic Design Tools to Create Fab Looking Lead Magnets (That Will Make Your Audience Go “WOW!”)

When it comes to lead magnets, the #1 thing you have to provide your ideal client is value.

While the content you have to share is supremely important, nobody will get to peruse the content if the design of the lead magnet is crappy.

You want every aspect of your lead magnet design to align with who you are and the image you want to create in your ideal client’s mind.

You can do this by incorporating stunning graphics and design layouts that make your lead magnet a joy to behold and go through.

So, if you want to create a lead magnet that looks fabulous… 

A lead magnet that will make your audience go, “WOW!”…

Something so amazing that those who sign up for it will want to share it with their people…

Here are some amazing online graphic design tools that will help you do just that!

And yes… they are all  free!

While some of the free tools do have restrictions on what you can do, they will be more than sufficient to get started with your lead magnet design.

Go on… Pick your favourites from the list below!

1. Ribbet

A great graphic designer and photo editing tool that will make you whoop with joy. 

What does the tool do? Wouldn’t you love to work on your images when you are traveling? After all, it’s the images that stand out first in your lead magnets, and so don’t wait to get to your desktop computer to create powerful images. Ribbet lets you do exactly that – edit your photos from your mobile devices, and add incredible effects and fonts to make the end result jazzy. 

Special features of the tool – There is a collage maker that would help you create collages and you can tweak around with it and add effects, fonts and grid to make the images unique. 

Where can you use it? The tool would be just perfect for your workbooks, ebooks, PDF presentations and even cover designs. This is one tool that lets you get the job done, quickly.
Pricing – Under the free plan, you can edit upto five projects and upload 5 photos at a time. There are some basic editing tools and filters that would get a basic job done. For more features and effects, you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is an easy photo editing tool that makes designers tap dance with joy!

What does the tool do? Now you can edit your photos right from your browser. And in any image formats – psd, pod, jpg, png, webp, svg and more. Recently, the tool includes two brand new editor versions that you can use – Advanced PIXLR E and Playful PIXLR X to take your photo editing to a whole new level. 

Special features of the tool – The tool has a natural learning curve and comes in three stages that you can move to as your needs change. They are PIXLR X, PIXLR E and Remove BG. 

Where can you use it? You can graphically enhance your images and make your lead magnet stand out and start a killer conversation with your target audience. Use the tool to create some great resources for your audience. 

Pricing – Basic access to Pixlr X and E is free. However, you will need to pay to use their AI powered tools. There is a 30-day free version that will let you explore all that Pixlr Premium offers.

3. Canva

Wield Canva, and make stand out graphics with ease. 

What does the tool do? Unskilled in graphic designing, but still wanting to create a killer lead magnet? No worries, just add Canva in your slew of tools and make powerful, intuitive images.

Special features of the tool – The built-in graphic templates really make them stand out from the crowd. And you have the option of downloading images and using them for absolutely free!

Where can you use it? Well, just about any place where you need the perfectionism of graphical images.Create your social media posts, banners, flyers, worksheets, ebooks, Zoom virtual background or any kind of visual project and just get creative!

Pricing – Free, of course but there will be a fee if you want to use more features. You can use Canva Pro, which is $12.95 per month.

4. Emaze

Looking to create awesome presentations and photo albums that people cannot resist clicking through? Emaze will just amaze you.

What does the tool do? Well, it lets you create amazing digital presentations, e-cards, photo albums and a lot more. 

Special features of the tool – Worried that your presentations look dull and lifeless? Emaze just breathes life into your images so you can create stunning visual images. There are advanced analytics to monitor the performance of your creation, AI tools for website creation and loading and embedding your social media accounts. 

Where can you use it? Whenever you want to engage the users through stories, so it’s just perfect for your presentations to attract leads.

Pricing – There are several free-to-use tools so you can make use of their free resources for now. And later when you need more, you can go through their pricing options and choose whichever you like best. 

5. Visme

If you want to add a little zing to your presentations and infographics, then Visme would just about fit the bill. 

What does the tool do? How about adding some infographics to your lead magnet? Through this tool, you can make your own infographic and brand it. Get creative in whichever way you like, and enjoy the rewards.

Special features of the tool – It’s a powerful data visualisation tool that lets you create engaging content in the form of presentations and infographics. The best aspect is that you or your team can access the content from any location; it’s a cloud-based tool. 

Where can you use it? Create jazzy infographics using their numerous templates, charts and widgets. Just perfect when you are looking to create branded visuals to mark your signature and pique interest. 

Pricing – It’s free, and if you want to choose to upgrade, you can go through their pricing plans. 

6. Easel.ly

The perfect tool to turn plain looking information into engaging infographics. It is not just any good-looking tool, it gives you the results. 

What does the tool do? Convert your information into pro infographics that users cannot resist following up on. 

Special features of the tool – Comes with hundreds of professionally-designed infographic templates that you can customise in anyway you want. Browse through the impressive library of icons, charts, images, etc. to make your infographic look special.

Where can you use it? Your infographics, of course. Make them so engaging and fun-filled that users would be prompted to click. 
Pricing – You can sign up for a free account, and later, you can choose which plan you need.

7. Adobe Color

Hit a bummer with your colour options? No worries, this tool would help you, although you might need to be a little of an expert while using it. 

What does the tool do? Wield the colour wheel and choose the right colours for your document or ebook or whatever you are creating.

Special features of the tool – The colour wheel is obviously a wheel of magic because it gives you a plethora of options in creating your colour palette. Just choose a colour, make it digital and edit it in whichever way you want. It’s got some advanced techniques for the editing.

Where can you use it? Your lead magnet, obviously. Get ready to ace it with this very handy tool!
Pricing – Great things come free.. well, sometimes, they do.

8. Font Squirrel

Now, choosing the right font for your image is just a click away. Makes you wanna dance a happy tune, right?

What does the tool do? Find the right font for your lead magnet content and images that have text overlays.

Special features of the tool – The tool doesn’t promise any frills and fancies, it’s all plain and simple. Use their font identifier feature to identify an unknown font in an image. You just have to upload or drag your image to the tool, and it will automatically identify the fonts that match the image.

Where can you use it? Find the right fonts to use in kickass lead magnet presentations, workbooks, worksheets, e-courses, ebook covers and inside pages.
Pricing – There are free fonts and paid ones.

9. What The Font

With over 130,000 fonts in its collections, MyFonts’ WhatTheFont is the best tool to possess for amateur and pro graphic designers. 

What does the tool do? Well, get you the font that you need, right there to make your lead magnet content stand out.

Special features of the tool – Instant font identification through deep learning. Even if you want more than one font in your image, it doesn’t matter. What you need to do is just upload a good quality pic with horizontal text. 

Where can you use it? Find the right fonts for cool presentations, workbooks, e-courses, ebooks, YouTube thumbnails for your lead magnets, design your FB cover, and social media templates and many more.

Pricing – Free, plain and simple. 

10. PicResize

Perfectly crafted images on your lead magnets. Who can resist not checking that out? 

What does the tool do? As the name suggests, it is the perfect resize tool for your images. Need I go into the importance of the right image size for your lead magnets?

Special features of the tool – Resize about 100 images at a single time. And then download as a zip file. 

Where can you use it? Would be perfect for any kind of lead magnet that you’re planning where images are important.

Pricing – It’s free, so just go ahead and play!

11. TinyPNG

An effective compression mechanism that can reduce the file size of your images to lessen bandwidth and make your pages load faster. 

What does the tool do? The tool lets you compress the images in your ebooks and presentations.

Special features of the tool – The tool effectively resizes the images from their huge size by decreasing the number of colours in the images. This way only fewer bites are needed. 

Where can you use it? When internet bandwidth is not to be trusted, and you need to get your ebook or presentation up, then you can effectively use this tool to compress images. This tool is also perfect for creating thumbnails because you can effectively crop all unwanted bits in your images.

Pricing – It’s free, but if you have too many images to compress, you can choose the paid version.

12. Smallpdf

A versatile tool that does magic, and who says no to a little magic once in a while?

What does the tool do? Just drag and drop your files, and watch as it magically converts select formats into a professional looking PDF. Just awesome, right? 

Special features of the tool – There are a number of features within this tool to help you convert and compress your PDF files, split them, merge them, and of course view and edit them. 

Where can you use it? When your lead magnet is a pdf, this is a must use tool, because you can do wonders with it, and create a fantabulous lead magnet that absolutely converts. 

Pricing – It’s free so you can try it and get the feel of the tool, and later decide if you want to upgrade. 

13. Prezi

Looking for that perfect ‘Aha’ moment with your users? That’s exactly what Prezi offers with this tool. 

What does the tool do? With Prezi, you can now visualise your presentation design and put into practice what you visualise. The tool is like a canvas with visuals and you can engage your users with enticing data. 

Special features of the tool – There are some features in this tool that would make your presentations stand apart from among the rest. They include smart structures where you can drag and drop whatever graphics and moving images that you want to add, Zoom Reveal that helps you to focus uncertain specific details in the document, and plenty more.

Where can you use it? This is a fantastic tool when you are creating presentations for webinars because you can make them so lively that users would never forget what you present; it’s a great lead generator.

Pricing – It’s free for the basics, so you can try it first and later decide if you need to purchase.

14. ColorHexa

Your knowledge about colours can pay off here because this tool allows you to create any colour palette that your heart desires. 

What does the tool do? Got a colour in mind? Well, ColorHexa can just bring that to paper, well, not literally, but quite close to it!

Special features of the tool – The unique feature of the tool is that you can access an entire encyclopaedia of colours to help you come up with nice colour schemes. Let your lead magnet just bowl over the users with the right mix of colours. 

Where can you use it? What kind of a lead magnet are you planning? Infographics, ebook, in-page layouts, other downloadable assets? You cannot create any lead magnet without the perfect colour combination, right?

Pricing – Oh yes, it’s free so what’s stopping you?

15. Gravit Designer

An expert in vector graphics would find this tool to be a piece of cake that he must have and eat it too! 

What does the tool do? This tool is more for professional designers, so if you have some design experience under your belt, this is one tool you can trust. 

Special features of the tool – All you need to bring to the table is your creativity, the rest will be done by the tool – it’s precise, powerful and flexible so your presentations, ebooks, layouts, worksheets will look professional. 

Where can you use it? If your lead magnet is an ebook, you can create the most awesome, downloadable ebook. 

Pricing – Most definitely free… and of course, there is an awesome paid version too.

16. Inkscape

If you are in search of a free and open source vector graphics editor, check this tool out!

What does the tool do? Create head turning designs for your images through this vector graphics tool. 

Special features of the tool – There are specific drawing tools, shape tools, text tools among several others to help you create any kind of images that you need. Inkscape is a must if you want to create awesome images. 

Where can you use it? Covers, headers, ebooks, workbooks, etc.

Pricing – It’s free, so don’t let it go.

17. Crello

Planning to make your presentations into ebooks? This tool would just be the right one for you.

What does the tool do? Your search for static and animated design templates ends here, because you get access to a plethora of unique stock images.

Special features of the tool – No need for design skills to create awesome animations and graphics. The best feature would be their animated designs, and the ease with which they can be used.

Where can you use it? When the focus is on lead magnets, you can use the tool to create ebooks, workbooks, printable, worksheets, etc.

Pricing – Free, of course.

18. BeFunky

Bet you’ve been waiting for this perfect tool to perfect your images and create whopping lead magnets!

What does the tool do? Great tool as a collage maker for your presentations and ebooks. It can resize images, remove backgrounds, create transparent backgrounds, do touch ups, add photo frames, and plenty more. 

Special features of the tool – The tool can help you create a lot of things, but their collage maker is the best of all. Just upload all the images you need, and watch them all metamorphose into breathtaking stories. 

Where can you use it? Use the tool to generate lead magnet covers, create inside page layouts, remove image backgrounds, etc.

Pricing – Get started for free, and later upgrade.

19. Infogram

When you need infographics to establish your lead magnets, you need Infogram to assist you.

What does the tool do? Well, create infographics, and then some more. After all, who doesn’t like to see gorgeously designed, animated, interactive content. The way you create it will surely let you woo your audience. 

Special features of the tool – Infogram has numerous templates so you can just create something quickly, especially when you are in a time crunch. 

Where can you use it? This tool helps you to create infographics as your lead magnet because there is nothing like beautifully created graphic content to impress people. You can use them within your ebooks, presentations, etc. 

Pricing – Get started for free, and later you can choose which plan you need.

20. Piktochart

Printables as your lead magnet would be a great move, don’t you think? Well, you need a great tool for that, and that’s why you should go for Pictochart. 

What does the tool do? It doesn’t matter how much content you have, you can create great printables out of them. 

Special features of the tool – You can customise your brand while creating the printable. There are charts, maps, illustrations, icons, graphics, other design components to make your printable special and unique.

Where can you use it? If your lead magnet includes a printable, this tool is a must-have. 

Pricing – It’s free, and later you can choose your pricing package.

I hope you enjoyed going through this list of free graphic design tools you can use to create your lead magnet.

I recommend that you check them out at your leisure and pick a couple that you can work with for now. Based on your requirements, you can sign up for the other tools or upgrade your existing accounts as needed.

Need more help with lead magnet ideation and design? I’ll be happy to get it done for you!


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