11 Lead Magnet Examples that Life Coaches Can Use in their Sales Funnel

I adore life coaches!

They are just so passionate about bringing lasting transformation in the lives of their clients!

I am in awe of the mindset techniques they share and the way they help people live up to their full potential.

I’ve had the privilege of working with quite a few life coaches and it’s my joy to help them grow their business and increase their influence.

If you’re a life coach and want to bring in more leads who’re interested in your offers…

If you want the right people to take notice of you and how you can help them…

If you want your resources to reach your ideal client and bring about big changes in their lives…

You want to start with the right lead magnet to attract them into your circle.

In this article, I share a variety of working lead magnet examples from other prominent life coaches on the world wide web.

I hope they will spark your creativity as you plan your next lead magnet.

1. The Sober Girl’s Vision Board Kit

This vision board kit includes a 47 page step by step vision board starter guide with 100+ quotes and affirmations.

Coach: Casey McGuire Davidson

Who it’s for: Busy women who want to quit drinking and create lives they love without alcohol.

Headline: The Ultimate Vision Board Starter Kit

Story: Vision boards are powerful tools to focus your mind and align your choices with what you ultimately want to bring into your life. 

Signup process: Enter name and email ID to download.

CTA: Send Me the Kit!

2. Organize Your Life & Goals Workbook

A workbook that would help users become more organised in their life and create achievable goals.

Coach: Michele Connolly

Who it’s for: Anyone who likes to be happy, and lead an organised and decluttered life.

Headline: FREE 72-page Organize Your Life & Goals Workbook – With 120+ Organizing Ideas

Story: You can be more clear on personality development, learn to organise your life, personal style, happiness, relationships, time management and more. 

Signup process: Enter name and email ID to get the free workbook.

CTA: Send Me My Free Workbook

3. Identify Your Values Guide

This guide helps users identify their desired core values, align them with their career and be more empowered and confident in their lives.

Coach: Amanda Beilke

Who it’s for: For people who want to embrace their values and make better decisions, both at work and at home.

Headline: Grab Your Identifying Your Values Guide NOW.

Story: Identify your desired core values and purpose, and align your career so you can feel empowered, authentic and confident. 

Signup process: Enter first name, last name and email ID to get the free guide.

CTA: Yes! I Want My Values Guide!

4. The Grief Recovery Method

An ebook that will help users come to terms with whatever tragic situation they are going through, and dispel the myths and misconceptions attached to it.

Coach: Cheryl Levy

Who it’s for: Anybody who wants to overcome loss so they feel empowered to create the life they were born to live. 

Headline: Free PDF E-book: The Grief Recovery Method

Story: Learn about the different types of loss that you may have to face in life, the myths and misinformation associated with it, and how to take action against them. 

Signup process: Enter name and email ID to get the free ebook.

CTA: Download This Now

5. The Unstuck Challenge

This is a 5-day challenge to help people see that constant pressure and the urge to finish things first is not always the answer. 

Coach: Mary Marantz

Who it’s for: Those who are exhausted from the constant pressure, and want to grow slow and build what truly matters.

Headline: The Unstuck Challenge: 5 Days to Start Crushing Your Goals

Story: Sign up for this free 5-Day series and learn how to embrace growing slow, give up the need to be an overnight success, and move forward with focus to build what really matters.

Signup process: Enter first name, last name and email ID to join the challenge.

CTA: Sign Me Up!

6. The She Has It All Workbook

The free printable workbook aims to help corporate women take their next big steps in their career and wellness.

Coach: Gabriella Camardi

Who it’s for: Corporate women who want to climb the corporate ladder in a way that is aligned, and thrive with holistic nutrition and wellness practices put into place.

Headline: Free Goal, Career & Wellness Planner | The She Has It All Workbook

Story: This workbook holds space for you to explore what is truly possible in your life, wellness, and career. 

Signup process: Enter first name and email ID to download the guide.

CTA: Send me the guide!

7. Your Intentional Life

This 7-day email training course with simple challenges helps participants simplify their life, find focus and get more freedom. 

Coach: Antonia Colins

Who it’s for: For anyone who is busy with work, kids, financial pressures, too much to do and too little time to do it in.

Headline: Your Intentional Life

Story: This is Your Intentional Life. Make it count. 

Signup process: Enter first name and email ID to sign up.

CTA: Yes! I’m Ready!

8. Soul Acceleration System

A video training series on a personal discovery process that would help participants cast away self-doubts and fears, and move towards a stress-free, financially independent and joyful life.

Coach: Jennifer Longmore

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to align with their soul’s purpose and live the stress-free and joyful path they’ve been craving.

Headline: Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose In This Training Series

Story: Discover why you’re here, and reveal what you are destined to do within this life – and finally possess the stress-free and joyful soul you’ve been searching for.

Signup process: Enter first name and email ID to sign up.

CTA: Submit

9. The “Fresh Start” Webinar

This webinar outlines a 4-step strategy that would help participants stop the old habits that are frustrating them so they can start moving directly towards their goals. 

Coach: Dr. Christine Li

Who it’s for: For those who want to work and live with greater confidence and determination.

Headline: The 4-Step Strategy for Ensuring Your Productivity and Success in 2020

Story: Join me in the Fresh Start webinar to finally learn what it takes to be fully productive in work and life and to feel like a success everyday.

Signup process: Enter full name, email ID, and select the preferred date/time to sign up.

CTA: Reserve My Seat

10. Goal-Getting Personality Quiz

This quiz helps people understand their goal-getting personality, discover what’s hindering them, and learn how to level up.

Coach: Lisa Michaud

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to overcome their obstacles and start achieving their goals.

Headline: What kind of Goal-Getter are you?

Story: Take the quiz to see how close you are to achieving your goals. 

Signup process: Enter first name and email ID to receive the quiz results via email. 

CTA: Find Out!

11. True Bliss Guide

This printable guide and workbook helps participants tap into their innate potential, and realise their passion by embracing inherent unique talents. 

Coach: Christine Marie

Who it’s for: For people yearning to learn more about themselves, their passion, goals, values, and purpose in life.

Headline: Imagine Your Life With More Purpose, Meaning, And Passion

Story: True Bliss Guide. Create a life you love.

Signup process: Enter first name and email ID to download the guide and printable workbook.

CTA: Download my guide

Have you enjoyed perusing this collection of lead magnets by life coaches?

I hope they have sparked your creativity and given you the drive to work on a lead magnet for your life coaching clients.

As always, I encourage you to be inspired by these working examples, but please don’t copy any part of the lead magnet design/content, or present them as your own.

No doubt, you’ll be able to create something that’s fabulous, unique and entirely your own!

Happy designing!

Need help with your lead magnet design or setting up? Let me know… I’ll be happy to help!


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